Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nine months

March 20, 2015

Dear child of mine,

You are the most delightful child, and as I tell you daily, you're my favorite girl in the whole wide world. There aren't words to describe how your smile can melt my heart or how wonderful it makes me feel when you crawl over to me and lift up your arms. You are starting to show definite preference for some people, but you're still easy going and happy to be around almost anyone.
You like to steal things from other babies in the church nursery and literally eat the Bible in Bible class. So, we have some things to work on, but at least you feel at home in the church, right? You are generally happy and have such a pleasant disposition. I love cuddling with you and feeling your precious little fingers pat my arm. You also like to pull my hair and pinch my arms, which is significantly less precious. But we have a lot of fun together playing with your little kitchen, crawling into your tent, and making sure your toys are strewn across the living room every day.
You consistently say certain sounds that I have determined are words because of my sincere belief that you are brilliant. Included in that list are Momma, Dada, your name, and nigh-nigh.
And your laugh. Oh, my sweet baby, your laugh could be the key to world peace. It makes me want to hold you tight and keep you safe from all pain for the rest of your life, and it prompts me to use the most ridiculous voices and sounds to evoke a giggle. You frequently try to dive off your changing table, but sometimes before your bath I can get you to laugh uncontrollably and be super still. It's awesome to have that kind of effect. It's also extremely gratifying to be able to calm you down when you do occasionally get upset. (My sure fire method is to nurse you, but I still get the satisfaction of soothing you.)
You're getting more fun all the time, and Daddy and I love you beyond comprehension. You are made in the image of God, and countless prayers are said over you that you will be a woman of peace and that you will be kind, compassionate, and generous toward people. I want you to know how much Jesus loves you and the power of His Spirit, and I pray that you will feel secure in our home and be courageous in the world.
You are my stinker, my precious baby girl, my sweetie.

All the love,

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