Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eleven months

May 14, 2015

Dear child of mine,

You have two bottom teeth! And more and more hair, and you're taking a couple of steps at a time! This month has been another one for the record books in terms of your milestones. You are babbling exuberantly and learning animal noises in addition to your favorite words "Momma," "Dada/Daddy," "hey/hi," "bye-bye," and "uh uh oh." You wave your arms now when we ask you to tell someone hi or bye, and you say "hi ya ya" when we FaceTime with LaLa, which she loves. You also threw your first little fit in her presence when I took something away from you. You are generally sweet tempered, always on the move unless you're asleep, and so enthusiastic about everything you attempt. I am so excited to see how God continues to develop those traits in you and how your unique personality fits into our family and into His service.
You took your first solo steps at Grandma and Granddad's house on Mother's Day, and you have been adding a few more steps to your repertoire each day. You still prefer to crawl because you are speedy and can get to the houseplants, trashcans, and electronic devices much more rapidly that way. Basically, you understand what you're not supposed to get into, and you make a beeline for those few things whenever given the chance. You shake your head "no" and then proceed to do whatever you're not supposed to do, so we're working on that. Your general adorableness doesn't help with my resolve to discipline consistently, so tone it down a bit, ok?
Oh, my baby, you love food just like the rest of us, and I'm working so hard to keep you eating healthy foods most of the time. You enjoyed a few bites of bread pudding this month as your first sweet treat, and you requested several follow-up spoonfuls. You have also enjoyed roasted butternut squash, chicken pot pie, tortillas, black beans, blackberries, and lots of cheese and yogurt. I cut back on your nursing sessions, so you're down to 5-6 per day in addition to three hearty solid food meals, and your adorable thighs attest to the fact that you're well fed.
Your laugh is still the best my sweet girl, but more often than not it makes you choke and gag when I really get you laughing, so I have to be careful. You love music and have discovered which of your toys make noise and activate them often. You also have discovered that several toys are hidden in the living room ottomans, and you take them all out multiple times a day. I'm limiting myself to picking them up twice a day while you nap so that we can start the process again when you get up. :) You FaceTime like a champ and smile so sweetly when you see people you love on the phone screen.
Most days are spent wandering around the house calling for Daddy (you adore him), helping Momma with the laundry (which never ends), running an errand or two, napping, playing, and eating. We keep our schedule pretty simple right now, and I love having my days with you at home. I try not to be too distracted by my phone or housework, but I'm a work in progress. Seeing your joy when I drop everything to play on the floor with you is a good reminder, and Daddy has graciously told me that my priority is to take care of you and anything else that gets done is a bonus. He's so good to us, and we miss him when he's busy at work, especially when he misses bath time. I could write an epic novel about all your adorable quirks and brilliant achievements, but I will close with how much I love you and how proud I am to be your Momma, You are my sunshine, little stinker, and we are so grateful that God entrusted you to us,

All the love,

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