Sunday, July 21, 2013

House Happenings

We've been in our house for about six months, and we've slowly but steadily been finishing various projects and making improvements. This week was especially productive, and I finished a few big projects and several small ones.

I finally edged in the breakfast area, and now all that's left is to install the light fixture and move in the table.

I also created an awesome magnetic chalkboard on one of our half walls. It only took 6 coats of paint total, and I love it.

Husband bought a recycle bin to replace the series of cardboard boxes we've been using and then recycling. As my dad will tell you, I'm an obsessive recycler, so the bin makes ridiculously happy.

I just finished painting our guest bathroom with textured paint. (It was wallpapered, so that was a 5-step process.)

Also, I finally replaced the plant stand I've been using as a "temporary" nightstand with a small table, moved a plant onto the stand, and created a jewelry holder from a picture frame. The frame was a $5 purchase at a garage sale, and I'm keeping my eyes open for a few more with character for when inspiration strikes again.

Have a crafty productive week!

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