Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy (belated) Day of Moms

I made Mother's Day cards for the moms and grandmas in our life this year. And I had to wait to post this until they received them. I enjoyed pulling out my scrapbooking paper and mixing and matching until I found the right combination of texture, pattern, and layers for each color scheme. And I already had the supplies so all the labor of love cost me was part of a Saturday.

In other news, my sister and cousin successfully graduated from college and there was good food and a good time had by all in attendance at the party afterward. I can't vouch that anyone had fun at the ceremony, but it was well organized and very ceremonial, as such events should be.

Also, my niece graduated from preschool, complete with a little white robe/gown and cap. Her ceremony was tons of fun since seeing little kids walk around in too-long robes and pose for pictures is entertaining. And there was singing. The graduates performed for us, which was adorable.

So here's hoping you all celebrated your moms and if you're obligated (ahem, honored) to sit through a graduation this month, may it be brief and appropriately solemn/celebratory.

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