Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

Sorry about my extended absence from the blogosphere. I've been a little busy finishing up this semester while working. Thankfully, there's only a week left, and I'm completely finished with my Middle English course as of this afternoon. After two and a half hours of writing for the final exam, my right hand is tired, and the professor is in possession of two hopefully well-structured essays.

This weekend, Husband and I will attend the youth missions auction on Saturday night and maybe update our cell phone service. I'm quite excited about the youth auction because we had tons of fun last year. We donated some money to youth missions and left thoroughly entertained, well fed, and the proud new owners of a printer/copier. The theme this year is Western, so I'll have to brainstorm a costume. :) Other than those bright points, I will be welded to my laptop finishing up my final essays. And then the sun will shine through the clouds and I will rejoin the blogging world.

For now, since I've consumed your time reading all the reasons I haven't been able to write, I'll leave you with a treat. Last night was the final Awana meeting, and the scale has tipped in the favor of my fourth graders. I will definitely miss them. One in particular is very interested in my new job and asks every week, "Miss Jordan, what did you write today?" Last night she asked in front of some of the other leaders, and I explained that she was so sweet to ask every week. She then recapped what I had told her about each Wednesday over the last few weeks with bubbly enthusiasm and surprising accuracy. It made my day. Not only does she care enough about my "boring" technical writing job to ask about my workload; she also cares enough to remember from week to week. See why I'll miss them?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend with the right balance of productivity (i.e. essay production) and fun (i.e. a youth auction!)

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