Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big News

No, the news is not baby-related. Consider yourself chastised for thinking the only big news a newlywed could possibly have is related to pregnancy. I forgive you, but try not to jump to that conclusion next time.

The actual big news has been on the tip of my tongue for a few weeks, but I had to keep it a secret until the appropriate people had been notified in person. Drum roll, please. Husband got a new job, and we're moving!

I had to wait to write anything about apartment hunting or packing until he finished up end-of-the-year activities and told his students that he was leaving. The new job is an amazing opportunity for so many reason, and we found an awesome apartment located about halfway between his new school and my office. Bonus: it has an attached garage!

Among so many upsides of this new opportunity, the one huge bummer about moving is that we love our church family, and we'll be too far to travel there multiple times each week. We'll be close enough to visit, but we want to be really involved with our church, and that means that we have to find a new church to place membership.

As I type, I am surrounded by boxes, both packed and unpacked, and there's still so much left to be done. I started full time work this week, and we're moving the middle of next month. When it rains, it pours. I'm looking forward to the long weekend to relax and pack. A dear friend is getting married on Saturday, so I'll get to attend her wedding and see lots of friends there. Then, I'll probably spend some time packing more boxes and relaxing.

I hope your weekend is filled with friends, fun, and exciting news!

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