Friday, October 15, 2010

Reasons Why I Haven't Been Updating My Blog

I've become one of those people who doesn't blog regularly, but I have hope that it's just a temporary issue. These are a few reasons why I haven't had time to type and edit.

1. We went to Abilene to see my grandfather honored as Alum of the Year at ACU and Tahoka to visit Sam's Grandma Claudia.
2. Along the way, we got to eat amazing food and catch up with many people who I love and happen to be related to in one way or another.
3. I had a massive pile of books to read, a massive pile of laundry and dishes to wash, and a bibliography project to do when we got home.
4. I bought plane tickets to and from my alma mater! That didn't take much time, but I'm excited about it, so it makes the list.
5. I am currently writing a bibliographic essay, reading Uncle Tom's Cabin, slow cooking orange chicken, and baking Pioneer Woman cinnamon bread.

I'll let you know how those last two turn out. They're new recipes that I've been wanting to try for a couple weeks. Hopefully you can look beyond my excuses for not blogging and view this post as a summary of the past week and my re-entry into the blogosphere. More interesting posts to come. Don't give up on me yet.


  1. Good report, Jordan.
    Completely understandable that you haven't blogged much lately. Just always know that your blogs are read and appreciated in these parts.


  2. Update on the food experiments: the orange chicken was so bad we had to throw out the leftovers. And we are frugal people who do not like throwing out food. The bread was fantastic, but I don't think it rose enough. I need more practice creating an encouraging environment for yeast to work.