Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shingles and a Wedding Shower

My "post twice a week" goal went out the window last week when I started feeling crummy and then was diagnosed with shingles. No, I am not in the typical age demographic of shingles sufferers, and those commercials did not prepare me for the pain and itchiness that I am enduring.
Apparently, shingles affects people with weakened immune systems, which could be the result of, say, not getting more than three concurrent hours of sleep in the past five months. Consider yourself informed, and we'll move on from there. This weekend was my sister's bridal shower at the church where we grew up, and she was richly blessed with lots of people there to support her and lots of wonderful presents.
Baby girl and I were able to fly in for the weekend, shingles and all, and we had some good quality family time and rest time (for me). It kind of made the whole "my little sister is getting married" thing seem imminent. Thankfully we love her fiancee (fiance? where do the accents go?) and it's fun celebrating two such great people embarking on a great adventure.

The happy couple was pretty excited about their her mixer. It's a beautiful teal color.

Our mom is gorgeous. Hooray for good genes, right?

Me, baby, and my sister. Spit up stains on my dress courtesy of the little one.

I'd say a few people care about them.

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