Monday, April 29, 2013

Been Thinking About This for a While

I read other people's blogs daily, so I should be a better contributor. I've been thinking about that for a while, and then my grandma shamed me on facebook and called me out for never writing.

I could have commented that I write 8+ hours a day and get paid for it, but most of what I do at work is edit and wordsmith, not write.

So, here I am to describe the lovely weekend away I had with my husband. Husband teaches orchestra, and Spring= orchestra widow season, so I have been all on my own a lot lately while he works like crazy at a job he loves and where he makes a difference in the lives of I try not to complain much.

Anyway, he had a free Saturday so we took a mini vacation to Huntsville to see Pirates of Penzance, stay at a B&B, eat delicious foods, and tour Sam Houston's museum/houses.

We're already planning our next visit. It was so much fun and a much needed break from the ordinary. (Our ordinary is extremely blessed, but still.)

So, you too should go to Huntsville, stay at the Whistler, eat at the Homestead, and see a show at Sam Houston State.

Trust me, you'll love it. And you might even have the bonus experience of learning more about Sam Houston and buying an antique side table.

And now, without further ado, some pictures of our room at the B&B. You're welcome, Grandma Rose.

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  1. What a cute B&B!

    I think you should post more, too! :)