Saturday, February 25, 2012

Business Trip

Sorry I've been MIA this week. I got some exciting news at work on Monday, and the week kind of spiraled into busy preparation from there. I get to travel for work...wait for LONDON!

If you know me, which is probably the only reason you would be reading this blog, you know that I love to travel, especially when it involves traveling over a major body of water (i.e., international travel). I spent a semester in college living outside of Florence, Italy, and I fell in love with Europe. To be fair, I was in love with the idea of Europe before I signed up for a study abroad program, but spending three months there sealed the deal.

So, basically, this has been a week of counting my many (career-related) blessings - I enjoy my job, I am appreciated by my managers and clients, and I get to spend a week in London doing work that I feel confident in my ability to do.

It's crazy to think that two years ago, I didn't know anything about the field of technical writing. I knew that it existed and figured that people who made a living doing that job spent their time in a cubicle writing instruction manuals for DVD players. Oh, how very wrong I was. I'd love to catch you up on what I actually do if you care to continue the conversation, but for those of you readers drifting off to sleep with boredom, I'll leave you with a picture of the souvenir I've already decided to purchase for myself.
Have a joyful, surprise-filled week! Coming soon, a post about my new painting and fondue-chick flick girls' night.

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