Saturday, January 7, 2012

That Much Closer to Thinking of Myself as an Adult

Happy belated New Year! I'm making my way back into the blogosphere as I take the next step in my gradual transition into adulthood. I've decided that it's easier to take one step at a time. Here's what my adult milestones have been thus far:

In 2009, I earned a Bachelor's degree. In 2010, I got married, which is a lifelong commitment and thus to be taken seriously, but in many ways it's a super fun perpetual adventure that includes living with your best friend and having someone to come home to every night. The latest event is my graduation with a Master's degree (2011) and beginning to work full time.

As long as I was balancing work and school, there were vestiges of college life (read: late nights studying, attending class, and homework) that postponed the feeling that I was really grown up. There are definitely milestones that I haven't reached yet, (like home ownership and having a kid) but working full time seems like a significant step toward my tenuous claim on being an adult.

So, forgive my continued absence from the blogging world as I adjust to the exhaustion of sitting at a desk all day. I've been told I'll adjust to it and someday have more energy in the evenings, so here's to hoping that's true and I can devote some time to writing on here!

On another note, (pun intended) Husband and I bought a piano today. We both used Christmas money to make purchases to further our careers: he got a piano, and I got some new work clothes. Expect a future post with pictures of our new musical addition!

In the meantime, have a blessed weekend and productive week.

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