Sunday, March 6, 2016

Inherited Traits

My kid inherited my overactive gag reflex. I have caught vomit in my hands 3 times in the past week. These facts are definitely related.
We tease my dad that my sister and I inherited his sense of humor (thanks, Dad!) and his sweat glands (no thanks). We overheat easily, always have pit stains, and are asked after mild physical exertion if we have a third degree sunburn. Yes, heat is not my friend. It makes me look like a lobster and exude lots of sweat. 
But, I digress. Back to the little miss who I fear will someday write a blog post, or whatever form of self-expression they use when she's grown, about how her mother cursed her with an oversensitive gag reflex. After twenty-some-odd years of dealing with this malady, I am good at not throwing up. Gagging is inevitable, but up-chucking is a choice. Not so much for my toddler.
I'm trying to handle the situation with levity, but without knowing exactly what is causing her to gag, it's getting pretty serious. She loves milk, and I am terrified to give it to her. We are running out of clean clothes and baking soda to clean up the stains. Someone please send Pedialyte, stat.
Just kidding. Kind of. Here's to hoping there's a lot less throw up in all of our futures.

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